Would You Like To Discover Simple Solutions To Making Healthy and Delicious Vegan Meals and Introducing Powerful Naturopathic Practices Into Your Busy Life?
Hi, we're The Doctor & Chef

If you’ve ever thought about learning how to create plant-based meals – even if it is just a simple snack to give you energy through out the day… 

Or If you already know how to make great plant based meals and would like to learn more about natural home remedies... 

And if you’re the kind of person who likes new recipes so you don’t waste a lot of your time trying to “reinvent new ideas in the kitchen... 
Keep reading because we're going to show you…
How We Like To Bring Health and Wellness To The World by Sharing Our Knowledge of Naturopathic Medicine and Whole Food Plant-Based Cooking.
All from home and live events 100% virtually.

Including the exact recipes, from start to finish plant-based meals and simple naturopathic practices that we've developed. 

...And that our clients continue to use day in and day out to live a healthy lifestyle. 

We're going to give you access to all of it… 

To use for yourself… 
The Health Advantage of Letting 
Food Be Your Medicine…
After training thousands of people around the world how to learn simple solutions to making delicious vegan meals and easy ways to incorporate healthy habits into their busy lives...

We’ve noticed those who get the best results and are the most successful all have something in common. 

Things like: 

* Understanding and implementing the notion that our food is our medicine, and applying template recipe concepts to make delicious and nutritious food easy and approachable.

* Leveraging holistic therapies including herbal medicine, hydrotherapy and homeopathy to prevent disease, to address the root cause of illness, and to support the body’s inherent healing capacity.

But, if you’re new to a plant-based lifestyle…
How Do You Know Where To Start To 
Receive Healthy Living Education, 
Tips and Resources ?
Let’s face it, most people starting a plant-based diet don’t exactly have a chef hanging around their house.

We sure didn't… 

And this makes it hard also when you don't have the right mentors, coaches, experts and the other support systems that can help you understand how to be creative with plant-based foods. 

The reality for most new veggie curious people is they have to figure everything out on their own. 

It can be really hard (and even lonely) when... 

There’s no chef in your corner showing you recipes... You don’t have a mentor guiding you… Or you have nobody to call when you hit a roadblock and have some questions. 

…. And that’s why most people new to a plant-based diet end up getting stuck on what to make that tastes good, feeling frustrated, and sometimes even quieting before understanding how to come up with healthy and creative meals. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way…
“Introducing The Doctor & Chef 
Healthy Living Made Easy Wellness Community”
That’s why we created a community with new recipes and instructional videos each month including a full start to finish plant-based meal and simple naturopathic practices for people like yourself.

A place where somebody just starting a plant-based diet can get access to the support they need. 

...all for a tiny fraction (less than the price of an internet connection) of what you’d normally have to invest with us in one of our advanced training programs. 

It’s called “The Doctor & Chef Healthy Living  Made Easy Wellness Community” - A community where people who are starting on plant-based diet can learn, hang out, network, and get educated about what they need to know about healthy and delicious recipes and simple naturopathic practices. 

And we consider it…
The Ultimate Shortcut To Learning How To Let Food Be Your Medicine
Imagine being able to “look in the cabinets” of one of best Naturopathic Doctors and a world-renowned vegan chefs – and see the simple recipes, and naturopathic remedies we use everyday to live a healthy lifestyle.

Things like: 

*Start to finish plant-based meals and simple naturopathic practices in our kitchen.
*Current trends in the vegan culinary world.
*How we plan out and organize our meals.
*New tools and resources we use to make our meals in 30 minutes or less.
*Not only do we want you see and learn exactly how we do things, but we also want to give you…
Full Access To Use These Same Recipes & 
Natural Remedies In Your Own Life
Can you imagine how much faster you would be able to start to making healthy and delicious vegan meals and using proven natural remedies for healing instead of having to figure them out yourself?

How much time you would save? 

How much trial & error you would avoid? 

Well...this is just one of the several benefits you get inside the Healthy Living Made Easy Wellness Community. 
You're Invited: Vegan Wellness Naturopathy & Culinary Community
The Benefits Of Being A Wellness Community Member
Member Benefit #1
Exclusive Recipes and Instructional Videos
We are constantly creating new videos, as we create new recipes and tips that work, so you’ll always be on the cutting edge and up to date.
  • Ongoing recipes and naturopathy instructional videos including simple naturopathic practices in our kitchen as well as a full start to finish plant-based meal each month.
  • Member's Special requests for recipes and naturopathic tips that are important to you 
  • Recommendations for eating and staying healthy through the changing seasons
Member Benefit #2
Quick Start Guides To Healthy Living 
Get step by step “Action Oriented” tips, natural remedy informational tools, and quick simple recipes that we use to create meals on a daily basis.
  • Six Principles of Naturopathy — This medicine is guided by 6 core principles, which can be interpreted as ways to live a more holistic, connected life every day  
  •  Kitchen Gear Resources — Having the right tools will make your journey easier, make cooking more appealing, and up your ability to wow your friends with your new plant-based creations.  
  •  Pantry Essentials Checklist — Having a well-stocked pantry will allow you to create a vast array of gourmet vegan cuisine with the least amount of effort. Although most of these ingredients can be purchased at your local supermarket, some specialty items may require a trip to the natural foods or ethnic market.  
  •  Template Recipe Monk Bowl — The template recipe style of recipe development will greatly expand your creativity in the kitchen. To view recipes as a template, you look at a recipe in the most general form possible and break it down into its component parts.   
  •  And Many More 
Member Benefit #3
LIVE Weekly “Office Hours”
When you’re just starting out eating a plant-based diet is when you’re going to have the most questions and need the most support. You don’t want a simple question or challenge you’re having to hold you and your healthy living lifestyle back for days or even weeks.
Each week you’ll have the opportunity to ask Dr. Ashley Boudet (who has studied at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon) and multi-award winning chef and author Mark Reinfeld ANY question you have about natural remedies and plant based diets.
Ask them anything!
  •  Get direct clarification about concepts, remedies, or recipes you learn inside the Community reference library
  •  Get fast, detailed, targeted answers to specific challenges and obstacles you encounter in your kitchen 
  •  Get feedback or a second opinion on new healing modulates you're considering. 
  •  This is about getting YOU the specific targeted help you need as soon as possible. The Doctor & Chef will answer every question each and every week with in our group format, so you’re always moving your healthy lifestyle forward!
Member Benefit #4
Health and Wellness Mastermind
The Doctor & Chef Mastermind is our exclusive Facebook community – and includes an entire network of like-minded people, and experts we have brought together to support you and your healthy living journey.
  • Connect with other like minded aspiring plant-based dieters who are also in the same or similar place
  •  Make friends, and also accountability partners to keep you focused and moving forward 
  •  Get your questions answered directly by our team of experts, and even The Doctor & Chef (the team is very active in this mastermind group) 
  •  Get quick and direct feedback, critiques, and perspectives on your recipes or nartural remedies from the mastermind community 
  •  Tap into the vast pool of combined resources that is only available when a group of like minded people come together like this
Get Everything For Only $19.95/Mo or $139.95/Yr
  • Our normal training's are $497-$1,500 and that isn’t always realistic for somebody just getting started in their healthy living lifestyle. We designed the Healthy Living Made Easy Community to be accessible to somebody in the beginning stages of their journey, who still wants the best plant-based meals and natural remedies training.

  •  Where do our best customers and clients come from? Almost everyone who invests in our advanced healthy living training's started out by watching one of our free videos, subscribing to our newsletter, or purchasing one of our programs… and we want you to be one of those people, too… and we know once you experience the value inside The Healthy Living Made Easy Community each month, you’ll be excited to go on to the next level as well.
100% 30 Day No Risk, Money Back Guarantee
Like all our trainings, the Healthy Living Made Easy Community comes with a 100% 30 Day no-risk, money-back guarantee. As a new member, you'll be granted a very special rate of only $139.95/year. 

That's a savings of 60 percent off the normal price, and if you decide for any reason that it’s not right for you within the first 30 days, We’ll happily cancel and refund your order

That’s the best we can do to help you jump in, and take action to create the healthy lifestyle using the recipes, instructional video, checklist and templates that we’ve created.
Normally $38/Month or $199/Year
Special Right Now For New Doctor & Chef Members Only $19.95/Mo or $139/Yr
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Why this is so powerful...
There so much to take away...
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The Healthy Living Made Easy Community is going to give you all the support and tools you need to start living a healthy lifestyle, and it’s 100% guaranteed.

Don’t miss your opportunity to claim these bonuses and try the Healthy Living Made Easy Community. 

Click the button below, fill out the simple 1-page form on the next page, and you’re in. 

You’ll get immediate, instant access to all of the The Healthy Living Made Easy Community resources. 

Click the button below now, and let’s get started!
We really looking forward to helping you to create the healthy life your deserve.

See you inside!
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This Deal Ends Soon!
Normally $38/Month or $199/Year
Special Right Now For New Doctor & Chef Members Only $19.95/Mo or $139/Yr
We want our members to feel well-informed, safe, and cared for during their enrollment.
In short, what is the Healthy Living Made Easy Community and what do I get?
The HLMEC is a resource and community that consists of step-by-step video training's, recipes, checklists, a mastermind/accountability group, and personal coaching. We created it to offer the ongoing support and training you need to successfully start living a healthy plant based lifestyle.

As a charter member you’ll get:

* New recipes and instructional videos each month including a full start to finish plant-based meal and simple naturopathic practices in our kitchen.
* Access to our Private FB Mastermind Group 
* Weekly Coaching and Q&A From The Doctor & Chef
* Access To Live Webinar Training's
* Grandfathered into the steeply discounted charter membership for life
* 100% 30 Day Money Back Guarantee (yes, We'll even refund you your $139.95, if you decide you don't absolutely love everything about the Healthy Living Made Easy Community)

That answers my question, sign me up.
How Does The Guarantee Work?
Try out the Health Living Made Easy Community For a Full 30 days for $139.95. If you aren't absolutely thrilled with it, simply send us an email at [email protected], and we'll cancel your order and refund you your $139.95. No questions asked. No fine print.

That answers my question, sign me up.
Is there a long-term commitment?
No, there is no contract. You can cancel anytime.

If, for whatever reason, you no longer want to be a member of the Healthy Living Made Easy Community, simply send us an email at [email protected], and we’ll promptly cancel your membership.

That answers my question, sign me up.
Does anyone actually read the FAQ section?
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